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Some works I made...

Demoreel 2014


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Graduate film (2012). 
Stop Motion . 11’’35 min.

«1930, an airmail pilot tries to cross the Atlantic but crashes into an unknown desert.  Begins another journey with a strange meeting, through the dunes, through the lines.»

Directed by: 
Laïana Patel, Charlotte Gayet, 

Elodie Boureille and Fabrice Leret. 

My contribution: 
- Parts of scenario and storyboard. 
- All conception and making of armatures with kneecaps.
- Creation of molds and faces.
Parts of lighting.
Parts of animation.
Parts of compositing.

Puppet Making

The Armatures
The fabrication of those armatures takes several days, but these tolerate all the manipulations during shooting. The first one (the pilot) took me two months of research, and only a few days for the second one.    

The aluminium armatures I used before this movie offered advantages (lightweight) and were easy to make but they turned out to be fragile and particularly difficult to repair. 

Beside : Puppets for «Le souffleur de lumière».  
Material : aluminium thread, rawlplugs and Thermoplaste (malleable plastic).

The centerpiece of the armatures : 
The fabrication of a biped armature requires 10 of those pièces : 
6 for the knees, the elbows, the shoulders.
2 for the spinal column.
2 for the hips.

Each piece is 16*6*2.5 mm, and hugs tightly 6 mm marbles. The tightening can be made with an Allen wrench through the coating. During the shooting, the animator can easily change the tightening.

The thorax, The pelvis 
and the feet : Thoses parts required more attention: These are the most movable, but which support a huge weight. 

steps of fabrication :


Making of the heads for the facial expressions.

For this work, we moved to JPL film, in Rennes (France), 

a stop-motion studio in order to know how to make the heads:

Molds in silicone and heads in resin, the mouth is then sculptured with a Dremel. Fixations work with a magnet.
Result : 


Some lightings for «Sillages» 

Example of light installation : the cave by day.

In full daylight, dusk, night with campfire...

La Ménagerie (France)  . 2012 . 
Assistant decorator.
Working on the short stop-motion film « Lettres de Femmes »
by Augusto Zanovello.
Particularity: The background and the characters are made with paper and cardboard.

Help repairing of the puppets, making of the hands and elements with paper and cardboard.
Help preparing of the film set and installation.

Internship at "la MCCC" . 2012 .
ARMATURES conception researches.

With help from the workshop foreman :
Familiarization with various metals for study and manufacturing of other   mechanisms of armatures.

Using a strip : 
Light articulation using a steel strip. This method is economic, easy to make, but the result is quite fragile and  don’t present enough mobility.  

Using a tube : 
A good mobility at 360°, but the vertical amplitude is small and heavy at the end.

Punch : 
Fabrication of a punch in order to save time during the making of the armature pieces.

shaft drive :
This type of articulation allows a good mobility of movement, but force the two parts to do an unwanted rotation.


Direction: Laiana Patel 
Puppet conception : Laiana Patel, Charlotte Gayet 
Time : 6’’38
stop-motion short movie, made for a «animation rallye» in 2012 : 3 days for the shooting.  

« A little girl would like to catch some stars. 
       But... Why does she bring brush and a floor cloth ? »

Short film made during my first years at EMCA. Direction : Laïana Patel, 2011. Softwares : After Effect, Photoshop, Protools et vegas.  Time : 5’’30.
« Two little planets meet each other.
A giant cherry tree scatters its petals and charms a little boy a bit curious »

Short movie in preparation ...

Panda and Chocolat
Time : 1-2 min.

Technique : Ink.

« A little girl with a sweety name, a chocolate lover Panda ...  or Chocolate lover ? She sulks, and Panda arrives. » 

Le Souffleur de Lumière (The light-blower)
Technique : Stop-motion.
« In the middle of a dark forest, the light-blower begins his staff. But this time, he isn’t alone... »