Un Jongleur Lorrain en Bretagne... Quiche Lorraine VS Salidou

"I was waiting my Internet box after 2 weeks without any connexions..."
"February 2019 : An other juggler called Luciole (fireFlye) is travelling around France to meet other juggler. His last destination : my home."

"- You can put your stuff over here
- Hi ! So, I bought some fresh bred,
eegs for pancakes...
- Hum... you do need to wash my dishes..
- ha, come one, that's normal : I was bartender, 
so it is kind of habit...blabla...and one time...; bla bla..."

Welcome on my blog.
You'll find all the arts fields I'm exploring : Animation with stop-motion, 2D and 3D, making films, illustration, and sometimes some other skill like live performance, juggling...

Bienvenue sur mon blog.
Vous y trouverez tous les domaines artistiques qui m'intéressent de près ou de loin, ainsi que mon travail : Animation en stop-motion, 2D et 3D, réalisation de films,illustration, et parfois d'autres domaines comme celui du spectacle vivant...