My productions (films)


Graduate film (2012). 
Stop Motion . 11’’35 min.

«1930, an airmail pilot tries to cross the Atlantic but crashes into an unknown desert.  Begins another journey with a strange meeting, through the dunes, through the lines.»
Directed by: 
Laïana Patel, Charlotte Gayet, 
Elodie Boureille and Fabrice Leret. 

Direction: Laiana Patel 
Puppet conception : Laiana Patel, Charlotte Gayet 
Time : 6’’38
stop-motion short movie, made for a «animation rallye» in 2012 : 3 days for the shooting.  

« A little girl would like to catch some stars. 
       But... Why does she bring brush and a floor cloth ? »

Short film made during my first years at EMCA.
Direction : Laïana Patel, 2011.
Softwares : After Effect, Photoshop, Protools et vegas. 
Time : 5’’30.

« Two little planets meet each other. A giant cherry tree scatters its petals and charms a little boy a bit curious »

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